Workaholic / Michael Felix / Design Studio

Michael Felix designs and produces upholstered goods in Southern California. A 3rd generation upholstery designer, Michael started from the ground up as a sample-maker’s assistant in the furniture factory founded in 1959 by his grandfather. His in-depth understanding of classic upholstery techniques makes for a collection that is thoughtfully designed, structurally engineered and made for a […]

Workaholic // Charles De Lisle

Charles De Lisle makes furniture, lighting and objects. The things he makes are a curious and bold mixture of materials. Utilizing wood, bronze, rubber, plaster, clay, metal and textiles. He alters and combines various mediums to create familiar objects embedded with texture, precision and imbued character. By merging contradictory materials and unlikely surfaces, De Lisle […]


I had the honor of spending the day at Siglo Moderno a few months ago when it was the location for a fashion photoshoot I styled. I fell so hard in love with this design & art showroom, which is one third vintage, one third new, and one third original designs by the owner, Jorge […]


How do you get inspired?  Do you sit inside your home and surround yourself with sounds and visuals that you’ve collected, or do you go outside on a walk and absorb everything that nature has for you?  Designer Tobi Tobin travels to gather visual library checkouts to fill her imagination and nurture her aesthetic. In […]

It’s About DIEM // Intersects Everything Made

Earlier this month, DIEM – Design Intersects Everything Made – presented a 360 approach for defining and pushing the dialogue for design today, by producing programming that served to cross- pollinate all creative fields, including interior design, architecture, fashion, product design and fine art. For the first time in the Los Angeles design scene, captains […]


Jared Frank’s work looks effortless. And if I didn’t know him better I’d think that he just naturally threw impeccable visual experiences together. But I do know him well, and even though the results look fluid and easy, I’ve learned that they come from the constant grinding thought of a curious, knowledgeable, hard working guy. […]


This is my ultimate eye candy. This husband/wife, London based duo called Folklore creates furniture, home goods, lighting and art among other incredible pieces that revolve around sustainability, craftsmanship, durability and simplicity.  AND to top off their coolness, they select a non-profit to donate 15% of their profits to each year. So every time you […]

Croft House

Croft House is a small retailer that produces handmade, sustainable furniture and home decor. They have the reclaimed look down to a tee and I’ve been jonesing for some of their pieces for far too long.  Bring in any of your photos and they’l have it printed, polyurethaned, put on canvas, and framed. Sustainable, lovely smelling […]