The Edwardian Ball & World’s Faire // SATURDAY

I remember the first time I heard of Edward Gorey. A friend who I always looked up to gave me a book one year. I pretended to know who he was, embarrassed when she said “I mean…you love him, right?”  Yes, I did love him—from that moment on. Edward Gorey (1925-2000) was an American illustrator, […]

Old World Aesthetic // Heather Garett // Bar Whiskey

With design evoking a southern Gothic, country noir feel, designer Heather Garrett, and Rhys Botica, opened the downtown Durham Main Street Bar, Whiskey. There are a precious few bars in North Carolina that are welcoming, upscale, and have a legitimate claim on drinking history. Botica, the sole proprietor, commenced the 1930’s stylized North Carolina private club […]

                                          WORKAHOLIC // ODYN VOVK Meet Austin, founder and designer of the clothing brand ODYN VOVK: What do you do?I am the Founder/Designer of ODYN VOVK. I’m a designer, pattern adjuster, production manager, graphic artist, and photographer. Hustler is a good word. How did you get to where you are now?A lot […]