Time spent in nature is precious to me and makes up some of the most magical moments of my life. It is all around us all the time, but our days sometimes get so busy that we forget to really look at the world that we inhabit. The engineering of a leaf or a flower […]

Travel Love // Inspiration For the Road

Seeing the world and exploring its diverse cultures is what makes me come alive. There is no greater gift and no richer lesson than to experience life in places far away. Travel through the eyes of Christian Grewe and imagine yourself as an adventurer, moving only where the wind takes you. – Katherine Aplin ** […]

@Superfuture // An Instagram Takeover

Beginning today, for a full week, we have taken over the Superfuture instagram.  The new ways of collaboration are pretty exciting with modern technology.  Instagram is defiantly one of our addictions and it allows you to easily join in on the world of others at a swipe or a heart shaped “like”. Superfuture is a […]

Teenage Apocalypse // Gregg Araki’s Soundtracks

I’ve recently revisited Gregg’s films through an insomnia induced K Hole. His films shaped much of my alterna-teen and shoegaze life as a little one living in Detroit. The songs he chooses for his films are so subtle to the ears, and often incorporated as part of the story line, but when you do notice […]

Inspiration Station // I pt II

The Pantone Project is a series was created by Paul Octaviours, a photographer and storyteller living in Chicago. As a designer — I LOVE THIS! Hilarious & Adorable. Stay tuned to our instagram The_Work_Magazine as we use our own pantone cards this weekend to take part! Instagram handle: pauloctavious Hash Tag: #thepantoneproject —Jenelle Campbell

Today’s // dose of Eno

Not edited !

It’s not a new band, but a band that never ever has left my heart. They make me feel like I can breathe in cold air & breathe out flowers. -Jenelle Campbell (Source: https://www.youtube.com/)


FVONF is not only a platform for one of our favorite online Magazines, but is also home to some of our lovely friends all the way over in Berlin.  They are one of our best collaborative outlets and we couldn’t be more excited to have our Editor in Chief, Gloria Noto featured on the site […]


Beautiful and strong, J Dauphin’s hard work and taste level stand out beyond. Powerful work ethic comes naturally when you’ve worked with style-houses such as Fendi.   J Dauphin has a way with shape… She doesn’t make a piece just to fill a gap, each piece she makes is thoroughly thought out and made with […]

Inspiration Station Part VIII

Nothing is quite like being underwater. Sound & vision is altered and you feel as though you are in your own world. I’ve always been a lover of underwater photography, and my current obsession with photographer Amanda Charchian is no exception. Below are some of my favorites. Check out her vimeo for even more interesting […]