People to Follow // Art

Lately I’ve been trying to embrace Instagram as an inspiration tool. Food recipes! Floral arrangements! DIYs! Artists! Last night while laying in bed with a bit of insomnia I stumbled across @lolagil and was completely taken into her world. Head on my pillow, I went back to her very first picture and imagined myself in […]


Addicted to Instagram? Yes, everyone on it is. But how do artists use it? ForYourArt is having an event hosted by art deity Hans Ulrich Obrist called the Instagram Mini-Marathon. It’s happening on July 26 and is a panel event with artists on the app who will share how they incorporate this means of expression […]


Instagram users are using hashtag #daughterofthesun to show their support for Amy, aka Daughter of the Sun, after her account was deleted without warning a few days after she was interviewed by The Huffington Post about a photo, in which she breast fed her baby while doing yoga, went viral. The photo was 2 years old and […]

@Superfuture // An Instagram Takeover

Beginning today, for a full week, we have taken over the Superfuture instagram.  The new ways of collaboration are pretty exciting with modern technology.  Instagram is defiantly one of our addictions and it allows you to easily join in on the world of others at a swipe or a heart shaped “like”. Superfuture is a […]


Last night, we were invited to Sonos Studio to check out George Lewis Jr of Twin Shadow perform some songs solo from his latest record, “Confess.” He was fantastic, as always, but we have to say the stage lighting was the best we’ve seen all year.  All the house lights were off except for two […]

Poolside, Them Jeans, ZALMAK, Subliminal Projects, Hot Chip // Our weekend in Instagram

Our weekend was full of end of the summer fun. Friday partying why not’s along with “Fashion’s Night Out” ( LA does try its best at it) led us to some random spots. Friday night kicked off with one of the strangest art shows I’ve been to called NAILED. It was a serious look at […]