There is no better time to explore the magic that is Italy than in the spring and summer months. The scents, the sights, the culture and cuisine all seem to come alive that much more once the seasons change. While most tourists immediately think to spend their vacation days along the Amalfi Coast, we found […]

Milan Travel Guide at Salone Del Mobile // GRAY DAVIS

With so many great cities to visit in Italy, Milan should be high on the list. Not only for the fashion and chic street style but for the northern Italian cuisine, iconic museums, and sprawling palazzos. There is no better time to visit Milan than during its annual celebration of art and design, Salone del Mobile. For one week every April, the city streets come alive with global design aficionados […]

Kaiza Eats // Pizza Pizza!!!

The first thing that everyone brings up when you mention DeSano Pizza, the new eatery to hit East Hollywood, is its behemoth parking lot. It’s big like a suburban dream—though my perception may be slightly skewed after years of trying to park in this city. In fact, everything here is slightly more. The family-style dining […]

Venice Biennale 2011 // Proud to Be an American

Saturday, June 4th launched the Biennale in Venice, Italy. If you are lucky enough to get the chance to enjoy this, prepare yourself for amazing works from around the world. Drag queens, Masks, and Music. A true festival of madness in a city that knows how a festival should be played. Most pieces are done […]