Believing in your own vision takes a lot of courage. The task of rising above the fear of failure is something that stops many, so when we have a friend or collaborator that is able to push through that and put their heart and soul into a piece of work, we get excited. Jody Wilson, […]

Thanks For Trying // TOKYO

Tokyo. You seriously put it out. Grandmothers in hot pink whizzing by me on a bicycle. The pairing of colors I would never dream of. THAT PINK UNDER EYESHADOW. The shout outs to American teams & cities. I recently had the pleasure of walking the streets of Tokyo on way too many ume cocktails. The […]

Pajama Fashion // Tokyo Vintage

The Work Mag recently hit the fiercely fashionable streets of Tokyo, Japan. While dodging through famous Harajuku, it was hard not to notice the crowds of Japanese youth pouring into vintage shops looking for perfectly worn doc martens to pair with their…..robes? That’s right, it is a total pajama fashion frenzy on the streets of […]


Japan’s Modern Divide showcases the work of two 20th-century photographers, Hiroshi Hamaya and Kansuke Yamamoto, who represent two contrasting yet complimentary paths in Japanese photography. Hiroshi Hamaya favored objective documentation, while Kansuke Yamamoto favored more avant-garde forms of expression. The exhibition documents two photographers and their ability to embody two sides of modern Japanese life: […]

Letting Up Despite Great Faults // Exclusive Japan Tour Blog

Letting Up Despite Great Faults is one of those great blog bred bands to come out of 2009.  While this particular year was led by the birth of surfgaze and beachwave, Letting Up made way with their shoegaze-y, electro pop and should be recognized in the same class of ’09 champs like Washed Out, Toro […]

Holy Shit. (Source:


When the tsunami hit Japan last year I remember being glued to live feeds and You Tube constantly. I was devastated and I’m sure like most of us, felt like my hands were tied. At least for me, when I hear of these things I want to drop everything, book it over there and get […]


The WORK Magazine is now carried at GR8. Laforet Harajuku 2.5f 1-11-6 Jingumae Shibuya-Ku Tokyo 1500001 Japan


Opening Ceremony ROCKS. We totally back this. Support a cause that’s helping to save Japan and get a sweet Tee while doing it! Via: OC blog In light of the recent devastation in Japan, Opening Ceremony along with friends Rinko Kikuchi and Jenny Shimizu would like to support relief efforts with these LIMITED EDITION TEE SHIRTS. […]