Kaiza Eats // Figaro

Do you ever think about an ideal food day? Not the one where you have endless hours to cook, but a day when you eat out and everything falls into place (your mouth) and it’s delicious? Don’t hate me, but I keep having them at Figaro. In all honesty, I had never bothered to go […]

Kaiza Eats // In The Heat

The heat does strange things to people. That’s the only explanation I have for a late night numerology session with my roommate, a poorly worded website and the discovery that no matter what number came up, I love saying no. (It does explain why after seeing the movie Chef, during which I smiled the entire […]

Kaiza Eats // Boathouse Style

If you had told me years ago that I would look forward to eating breakfast at the Echo Park Boathouse I would’ve thought you were a nut, on drugs, or both (which is entirely likely). I would have reminded you about that one time my (white) foster dog jumped in the water and came back […]

Kaiza Eats // Patty Meltin

Laurel Tavern is one of the places I love to hate. It stems less from dislike of Studio City, a soft, melt in your mouth creation reside so very far away? Even the patty melt, one of the world’s more confused sandwiches, fills a hole in your heart you didn’t know existed. Perhaps the journey allows […]

Kaiza Eats // Pizza Pizza!!!

The first thing that everyone brings up when you mention DeSano Pizza, the new eatery to hit East Hollywood, is its behemoth parking lot. It’s big like a suburban dream—though my perception may be slightly skewed after years of trying to park in this city. In fact, everything here is slightly more. The family-style dining […]

Kaiza Eats // Meat. Philly Style.

A cheesesteak needs few things to be complete but they need to be done right. Whiz, the new sandwich shop in Koreatown, hits all the high points with ease. Owned by Jimmy of Beer Belly (whose short ribs I’m still talking about months after eating them), helmed by a South Philly chef and rocking homemade […]

OPEN UP // Food Valentine Style

We are pressured mercilessly about Valentine’s Day for months before it happens. Told it’s the one day when grand gestures and romance are REQUIRED. And yes it’s ridiculous and yes, it’s commercialized but in the spirit of the day, I say fuck it. Stay home tonight and have yourself a little sex picnic. I mean, […]

Kaiza Eats // Southern Style in Hollywood

Pickled fried green tomatoes, if for no other reason on earth, is why you will go to Roadside Eats. Schedule a date night at the Arclight. Arrive late so you don’t have time before the movie for pizza (and a Moose Drool) at Stella Barra and argue with your loved one against Veggie Grill’s vegan-Subway-esque […]

Kaiza Eats // Burger Edition

Los Angeles is the home of many things, including a staggering assortment of burgers. It’s the land of brioche, slow cooked onions and mountains of arugula, gourmet prices and sous-vide meat. Which, barring this town’s obsession with brioche, I normally love. But sometimes you just want a no-frills burger. A simple, rugged sandwich made with […]

Detox Salad // Less Pizza

The longer I live in Los Angeles, the more I embrace the idea of detox—especially after the holidays. The city is relentlessly sunny & cheerful, even as the rest of the country is in a deep freeze, and every bite of macaroni and cheese can be felt in my soul. Fresh, crisp, and tangy, this […]