Outfest // Los Angeles

Outfest, the Los Angeles based LGBT Film festival—which is in it’s 32nd year—starts tonight!! While we live in our liberal bubble it’s important to remember that these sort of events make a difference and show a completely different perspective of how it is to live and be gay in other countries and cultures. Don’t worry—there […]

Let’s get married LA // Down With DOMA

We cannot think of anything today outside of champagne & celebration as the gay marriage ban in California is declared unconstitutional! One step closer to having the choice to marry who you want and give love as it should be, without limitation.


Thursday is basically the same as Friday, and this Thursday happens to be the 13th. We know what happens with that number…weird shit. Come join our friends (and us) over at POP tART Gallery and celebrate art as it happens in the waking moments. POP tART is a gallery with a dream: to get people […]


Otherwild is a truly special mixture of magic, logic, and beauty. Rachel and Marisa came together like the big bang and formed something we needed not only for practical reasons but for our own personal fulfillment of beauty. We are so proud to be carried at Otherwild, in Hollywood and even more proud to call […]

                                              A TASTE OF ISSUE 5 // AUGUST LAUNCH! Behind the scenes of our editorial photoshoot featuring Imperial Barber Products U.S.A. shot by Dan Monick. Video by our assistant editor Maggie Davis, Styling by JAK (assisted by Tori & Jessi), Hair by Tara Jean Mann. (Source: https://www.youtube.com/)

With so much happening this weekend…what to do?

All of it. As those of you in Los Angeles know, Friday kicks off PRIDE weekend. While I personally have gone to enough parades & drunken parties for a lifetime, one of my favorite yearly events is this weekend. DYKE DAY. It’s an afternoon event held on Saturday. Every year, this event makes me so […]

INSPIRATION NATION // PART III Soko has been putting out some beautiful videos lately. Between this and First Love Never die — all i want to do is watch them over and over again in a bed with bright white sheets & a faded vintage comforter. Spring brings out the love in me even more […]

Tilda Stardust // They are the same person // I knew that

Tilda Stardust // They are the same person // I knew that

Self Evident Truths // You and Everyone you know

In 2010 iO Tillett Wright began a project called Self Evident Truths, photographing anyone that felt like they qualified to fall on some part of the LGBTQ spectrum, from bisexual, to transgender. Shot in simple black and white, in natural light, with no makeup or styling, the photos were intended to humanize the very varied face of […]

Self Evident Truths// Support // Kickstarter. Help Support the amazing cause and art project “Self Evident Truths”. They only have a few more weeks to reach their goal! Be a part of something amazing. WHAT it is: NYC based artist iO Tillett Wright has launched a limitless photographic record of LGBTQ America today, through a […]