It all started with a garage. The love story of Lanette and Ryden Rizzo that is. When Ryden, (then a product design major at Parsons), took an independent project with his classmates, titled Allied Maker. The project came to life his parent’s garage in Long Island, which happened to be as luck would have it, […]

Workaholic // Charles De Lisle

Charles De Lisle makes furniture, lighting and objects. The things he makes are a curious and bold mixture of materials. Utilizing wood, bronze, rubber, plaster, clay, metal and textiles. He alters and combines various mediums to create familiar objects embedded with texture, precision and imbued character. By merging contradictory materials and unlikely surfaces, De Lisle […]

Well Lit // With Edge

A man of many talents, Charles De Lisle has done it again with his Linden Branch chandelier. Represented by The Future Perfect, the group better known as carrying some of the best pieces from designer Lindsey Edelman, the Linden Branch by Charles De Lisle is another addition to the showroom to make its mark on design.  Lithe […]


The dynamic duo, Gabriel Hendifar and Jeremy Anderson of APPARATUS are in town from New York, for one day… (insert tears). They will be debuting their bespoke modern lighting at Twentieth Showroom. Deets below. These innovative collaborators and their stunning work are a must see.

ROMY SCHNEIDER // LIGHT TEST FOR L’ENFER// CLOUZOT 1964 I have been trying to learn french during my free time (free time??),  and as of late have been really inspired by 60’s cinema and style,  as most people are.  Romy Schinder is one of my favorite big screen ladies.  She is well known in France […]