With a background in art and music and formal training in architecture, Vincent Pocsik is a creative in the purest sense. His premier furniture collection features the diversity of his skills, presenting lyrical movement and structural abstraction. Series 001 features designs that stretch and curve, bulging in unexpected and typically ignored places. The anatomy of […]


Stephanie von Watzdorf cut her teeth in the fashion industry under Yves Saint Laurent, had her first paid job for Giorgio Armani, and served as the Vice President of Design for Tory Burch. Now at the helm of her own lifestyle brand, Figue, she is creating a line of luxurious clothing and accessories inspired by […]

Artist of the Month // Week 3

a l e x a l e c o

Local Artist of the Month // Week 2

  a l e x a l e c o

Artist of the Month // Alex Aleco

For the month of August, we will be featuring artwork from musician and artist Alex Aleco. In her own words— My name is  a l e x a l e c o. I live in Los Angeles, North East, on a mountain. I tend to fixate on the body in fantastic reality. I work in pencil and paper […]

Outfest // Los Angeles

Outfest, the Los Angeles based LGBT Film festival—which is in it’s 32nd year—starts tonight!! While we live in our liberal bubble it’s important to remember that these sort of events make a difference and show a completely different perspective of how it is to live and be gay in other countries and cultures. Don’t worry—there […]

Artist Crush // Nike Schroeder

My current artist crush is Los Angeles based/ Berlin born Nike Schroeder. The things she can do with fibers!! From portraiture that is amazingly complex for pure embroidery, to her newest work—my favorite—which evokes a waterfall of color. While showing hints of a color-field painting, the threads drip off the “canvas” bleeding from one color […]

Kaiza Eats // Figaro

Do you ever think about an ideal food day? Not the one where you have endless hours to cook, but a day when you eat out and everything falls into place (your mouth) and it’s delicious? Don’t hate me, but I keep having them at Figaro. In all honesty, I had never bothered to go […]


With all of us making so much of our lives public, it becomes one big ball of everyone’s photos looking the same, everyone repeating the same quotes—and all of us pressing like. Then comes portablesera. I stumbled upon her website during my nightly Instagram rabbit hole. It however, lead me to a really beautiful place—her […]

Kaiza Eats // In The Heat

The heat does strange things to people. That’s the only explanation I have for a late night numerology session with my roommate, a poorly worded website and the discovery that no matter what number came up, I love saying no. (It does explain why after seeing the movie Chef, during which I smiled the entire […]