Because it’s been a week since this was released and it’s still great.


Our Happiness issue (GET IT HERE!) deals with the concept of… Happiness.  What is it?  What do you do to fulfill it and do you know what it even is? Leonard Knight was a man who built a mountain of love in the deserts of California.  For decades he lived out there in his car […]


Country Song. I like to blame the bottle, but maybe it’s really you. Sick and tired of playing this game of who’s who. There are scars from the words and then from the matching tattoos. I wonder, will you have yours removed? -Jane Helpern

Travel Love // Inspiration For the Road

Seeing the world and exploring its diverse cultures is what makes me come alive. There is no greater gift and no richer lesson than to experience life in places far away. Travel through the eyes of Christian Grewe and imagine yourself as an adventurer, moving only where the wind takes you. – Katherine Aplin ** […]

Unwoven Light // Houston, TX

Soo Suny Park creates installations that bring the mystical world of her imagination into the physical realm. Her current exhibition, Unwoven Light, manipulates light through iridescent plexiglass squares affixed on chain-link fencing, sending the viewer through a fluid space that changes as light dances across the surfaces, reflecting and refracting colors. Industrial materials are transformed, […]


While having some girl time at my friend Natalie’s house the other day, I noticed her neighbors installing something. She informed me that the neighbor had gotten a bookshelf and wanted to make a little free library for the entire complex. What a great idea!!! We are so lucky in Southern California to never have […]

Frank Ocean // love story // new record

Earlier in the week Frank Ocean wrote a little story on his Tumblr about how his first love just happened to me a man. We love your music (check his new record Channel Orange), plain and simple. We don’t give a fuck who you choose to love. We don’t get an explosion of out-pour on […]

INSPIRATION NATION // PART III Soko has been putting out some beautiful videos lately. Between this and First Love Never die — all i want to do is watch them over and over again in a bed with bright white sheets & a faded vintage comforter. Spring brings out the love in me even more […]

Love Notes // Opening Saturday, April 7th

Nothing in the world compares to the feeling of being in love. Researchers from Syracuse University found that falling in love affects the intellectual area of the brain and triggers the same sensation of euphoria experienced by people when they use cocaine. It’s no wonder we’re all so addicted. Imagine if your addiction to that […]

A SITTING WITH: iO Tillett Wright

iO is one of those people where you feel all warm and fuzzy inside when she’s around. Her work has been published in yours truly (The WORK Magazine), NY Times, Dossier, VICE, Huffington Post – among others. Another very noteworthy project of iO’s is her ever expanding, “Self Evident Truths” backed by the HRC which […]