Published on Jul 1, 2014 WIFE is an all-sensory theatrical experience born of Los Angeles-based artists Jasmine Albuquerque, Kristen Leahy and Nina McNeely. Her creations combine surrealist animations through digital projection mapping, sculpture, music and costumes, using movement and dance as the vehicle for storytelling. In “The Passengers,” a hybrid poem-performance set in an altered, […]

ryan heffington // ktchn

DANIEL TRESE’S LIVE NUDE DANCING // CHOREOGRAPHED BY RYAN HEFFINGTON // COMMISSIONED BY MOCAtv During the month of May, Ryan Heffington and dance crew along with painter Nolan Hendrickson, collaborated in making Nolan’s paintings come to life through dance.  We went to opening night, closing weekend, and once inbetween.  Needless to say, we were inspired, […]


NAME: Jamie Salazar WHO DO YOU THINK YOU ARE: Style facilitator / Purveyor of all that is beautiful in this world ARE YOU LEGAL: I’m flattered. LOCATION: The Geffen Contemporary at MOCA, Downtown Los Angeles WHAT YOU GOT: Celine bag, Salvor scarf, Raquel Alegra tank top, S’avarca de Menorca sandals, Kali necklace Thanks for Trying […]

MOCA under the stars! Final Engagement Party with the LA Urban Rangers

Thursday, September 1 MOCA Grand Avenue Lodge 7-10pm LA Urban Rangers invite you to join them for “Critical Campout”, a campfire program that explores the full spectrum of habitation options in downtown Los Angeles. Some of the campfire activities include: a live demonstration where you can learn how to make an alternative temporary shelter, and Ask a Ranger station for all of […]

Heavy Metal Parking Lot- The Musical HEFFINGTON MOVES MOCA’s  final project for Engagement Party was the punk-rock dance event HEAVY METAL PARKING LOT: THE MUSICAL, a wild collage of performances inspired by the influence of MTV on small-town America during the years it first debuted. Inspired by the 1986 documentary of the same name chronicling […]