It’s Monday and you hate June gloom and you just spilled coffee down the front of your all-white outfit. I feel you. The Department of Water & Power has posted up outside my otherwise glorious windows and brought jackhammers with them, so we’re in this together. Luckily, I’ve found the remedy for both of us […]


Last week, Christie’s sold a collection of artwork centered on everyone’s favorite bad girl, Kate Moss. In honor of the nearly $3 million sale, we have compiled some of our all-time favorite shots of the British babe. Consider your case of the Mondays officially cured. – Katherine Aplin


In the South of France in the year 1949, Picasso was visited by Gjon Mili, a photographer for LIFE magazine. Mili, a “technical prodigy and lighting innovator” brought with him an electric light that fascinated and delighted Picasso. The result of this bychance collaboration are these light drawings. Disappearing as quickly as they were created, yet […]

Travel Love // Inspiration For the Road

Seeing the world and exploring its diverse cultures is what makes me come alive. There is no greater gift and no richer lesson than to experience life in places far away. Travel through the eyes of Christian Grewe and imagine yourself as an adventurer, moving only where the wind takes you. – Katherine Aplin ** […]