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KENZO // CLOUDBUSTING We love when people awkwardly include motorcycling into their fashion editorial, especially when in motion.  Making me want to look fresh next time I get on my bike, maybe do a wheelie too. Here Partel Oliva propose their interpretation of the fantastic and post-romantic universe of the men’s collection and women’s precollection […]

Road Trip // Inspiration

For any wandering minds dreaming about taking off… watch this short shot on super 16mm relating the hopes and desires of those who go for a road trip. “It’s simple, but truly enough to make your heart beat.” – Maggie Davis  


NAME: Paul D’Orleans WHO DO YOU THINK YOU ARE?: ‘The Vintagent’ – writer, rider, photographer WEBSITE:,, LOCATION: SFO-JFK ( Photo taken at the Subvecta Motus Gallery in LA) ARE YOU LEGAL: 50 WHAT YOU GOT: 80s vintage Thierry Mugler jacket and Yohji Yamamoto cropped tuxedo pants with camo pony Jimmy Choo slippers. Emiliano […]


Take a behind the scenes look at how our buddies at COMUNE came to be and what continues to drive them.  – Maggie Davis

                                          WORKAHOLIC // ODYN VOVK Meet Austin, founder and designer of the clothing brand ODYN VOVK: What do you do?I am the Founder/Designer of ODYN VOVK. I’m a designer, pattern adjuster, production manager, graphic artist, and photographer. Hustler is a good word. How did you get to where you are now?A lot […]