WORKAHOLIC // Jean De Merry & Christian Darnaud – Maroselli

Jean De Merry is a furniture studio located in the heart of the design district in Los Angeles, California, with outposts in Chicago, Dallas and New York. From a small French town where successive generations of his family had operated a leather tanning business for four centuries, De Merry – also a renowned novelist and former restauranteur […]

Workaholic // Wolfe von Lenkiewicz

The art world is hardly devoid of characteristic and idiosyncratic individuals, yet even among these, Wolfe von Lenkiewicz stands out. At first glance his work is a reproduction: a painstaking recreation of works that have defined the canon of art history and the visual culture of today. But look closer and and a wealth of […]

The Ubiquitous Gaze of the Wallflower // The Paintings of Ariana Papademetropoulos

‘It’s about creating a gateway where a seemingly traditional environment is liquified; revealing it’s organic and interpretive forms that bare similar effects to a Rorschach inkblot test,’ says Ariana Papademetropoulos, a portrait of beauty herself, perched amidst a sea of plants suspended above painted interiors embellishing the walls of her light-drenched downtown studio. Through inventive pictorial strategies, […]


I can, with every bit of truth, say that Adrian Gilliland is one of the most inspiring men I have met.  It comes down to much more than just his paintings, his art direction, or his costuming…it comes down to his soul and his way of thinking.  There are certain people who give off a […]


Erin Garcia makes me happy. By using a repetition of minimal elements and color schemes, Garcia creates precisely abstract pieces. His work has popped up on hotel walls, in the pages of magazines, and in galleries across the nation. With summer creeping in, Garcia’s work is the perfect addition to a backdrop of sunshine and […]


Watercolor is like no other medium. Capable of being both luminously subtle and strongly opaque, it is versatile in ways that oil or acrylic could never be. Nomoco takes full advantage of its abilities, seamlessly layering colors upon each other and creating pieces of interconnected beauty. Her art is both dreamy and precise, appealing equally […]

Inspiration Station Part IV // Charlotte Caron

Charlotte Caron has been getting a lot of attention on blogs lately for her animal/human hybrid face paintings. I’m loving them! – Jenelle Campbell


This Saturday celebrates the opening night of our friend Lia Halloran’s solo exhibition Sublimation | Transmutation presented by Martha Otero Gallery in Los Angeles.  With a devoted interest in physics, chemistry and the behavior of natural elements in the guise of contemporary art practices, Lia stages her solo exhibition Sublimation as a simultaneous investigation into […]