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Andy Warhol Polaroids – First Time in Public Eye

A new exhibition of Warhol’s never before seen photography and polaroids is opening at the Privatus gallery in Mayfair, London on February 11. The exhibition promises a solid mash-up: a roll call of international stars, New York society figures and Factory darlings rendered in Polaroids interspersed with surprising reportage-style 8×10’s snapped with a point-and-shoot, plus photo-booth […]

Still Developing: A Story of Instant Gratification

After a popular touring exhibition that featured thousands of Polaroids from all around the world, a limited edition retrospective book was born. Still Developing profiles the ISM Polaroid Project with short stories, personal essays, and love letters celebrating instant film. Still Developing also features over 200 Polaroids from professional and amateur photographers. Polaroid ceased film […]