I had the honor of spending the day at Siglo Moderno a few months ago when it was the location for a fashion photoshoot I styled. I fell so hard in love with this design & art showroom, which is one third vintage, one third new, and one third original designs by the owner, Jorge […]

Installation // Awesomeness

Artist Bohyun Yoon uses pieces of silicon rubber, wire, steel, depth and with the right spotlight… creates his installation piece, UNITY. We love. – Maggie Davis

Inspiration // Death and Life in Metal Flowers

Look. Again… Are these textiles? screen prints? No. This is a metal garden, painstakingly made by Zadok Ben David, a London based Israeli Artist. This work is made from 12,000 cut steel flowers and plants. The style, a vintage botanical print style makes it even mores surreal. Just when you think it can’t get any […]

Inspiration Station IX

There has been a lot of talk on London based artist Kate MccGwire. Her choice of material is not only unique, but is painstakingly collected for months. The medium? Molted feathers of pigeons. The result is a sort of surrealist world where these feathers take on different shapes & motion. Her sculptures are often playful, […]

Richard Serra is one of my favorite artists. If you aren’t familiar with his magnificent installation sculpture, this time lapse video will acclimate you with his large scale installation process. -KD (Source:

MOCA under the stars! Final Engagement Party with the LA Urban Rangers

Thursday, September 1 MOCA Grand Avenue Lodge 7-10pm LA Urban Rangers invite you to join them for “Critical Campout”, a campfire program that explores the full spectrum of habitation options in downtown Los Angeles. Some of the campfire activities include: a live demonstration where you can learn how to make an alternative temporary shelter, and Ask a Ranger station for all of […]