Los Angeles—Tonight!

Come out to  The Satellite  for our entrance into fall with a dreamy / shoegazey / floating around on clouds / drinking whiskey / music filled night.

Teenage Apocalypse // Gregg Araki’s Soundtracks

I’ve recently revisited Gregg’s films through an insomnia induced K Hole. His films shaped much of my alterna-teen and shoegaze life as a little one living in Detroit. The songs he chooses for his films are so subtle to the ears, and often incorporated as part of the story line, but when you do notice […]


We have a major band crush on Montreal’s, No Joy. We’ve also been hooked in the heavy shoegaze of their latest track, “Hare Tarot Lies” for well over 24 hours. Here’s what their label, Mexican Summer has to say: “No Joy’s “Hare Tarot Lies,” drifts along as in a dream, a heavy, shambolic backbeat and hazy hooks that hang […]


I don’t know about you, but Loveless opened up my ears and made my body lay in a beautiful fetal position on my wooden floor, vinyl on repeat.  Easy to say it shaped my very young youth and still shapes my very old youth. My Bloody Valentine is releasing a new album guys….Like any day […]

Letting Up Despite Great Faults // Exclusive Japan Tour Blog

Letting Up Despite Great Faults is one of those great blog bred bands to come out of 2009.  While this particular year was led by the birth of surfgaze and beachwave, Letting Up made way with their shoegaze-y, electro pop and should be recognized in the same class of ’09 champs like Washed Out, Toro […]

Beautiful Noise is a documentary focused around three of our all time favorite (and most influential) shoegaze bands: Cocteau Twins, My Bloody Valentine, and Jesus and Mary Chain.  If that wasn’t enough to make you stop breathing a little, the documentary also features Ride, Slowdive, Chapterhouse, Lush, Curve, Swervedriver, as well as interviews with Wayne Coyne, […]


David Ertel is one half of the electronic duo, Solar Year. He and his bandmate, Ben Borden, have emerged from the same Montreal underground as Grimes and d’Eon to land on the “must see” list for CMJ in New York next week.  Their debut record “Waverly” is a smokey audio atmosphere and quite honestly, sonically […]

Young Prisms // In Between We’re loving Young Prisms’ new album, In Between. This San Francisco band’s sophomore release has mastered the art of My Bloody Valentine-esque guitars and Mazzy Star inspired vocals.  Tracks like “Better Days” and “Four Hours (Away)” are quickly a modern shoegaze dream.  Check out their video for “Floating in Blue” above and […]


The opening/title track on Black City Lights’ debut EP, “Parallels,” instantly takes me to the New York City music scene back in 2003. This was when Asobi Seksu was playing Don Hill’s to about six people and School of Seven Bells was still On!Air!Library!. It was a great time for shoegaze in New York and […]