This post is a bit different than our other Thanks For Trying posts.  I had enough courage to walk up to him, but not enough to ask him anything about himself other than his name.  All I know is that his name is Vito and he drives a red Mini Cooper, oh and has impeccable style […]


Tomorrow night come join us in watching EFG, a Lynchian dream version of a band with the heightened sense to carry music within them as traditionalists do, filtering the influence of the obscure into something newly potent. Based around the songwriting and epic guitar playing of Imaad Wasif (Yeah, Yeah, Yeahs, Alaska!, Folk Implosion), the huge drum sounds of […]


Growing up in Southern California, fashion photographer Sasha Eisenman was immersed in the culture of surfing, the beach lifestyle, and the freedom that comes with it. He began taking photographs from a young age with his mother’s old Nikon 35mm and documented his friends and their adventures during frequent surf camping expeditions down the desert coastlines of […]

Kaiza Eats // Figaro

Do you ever think about an ideal food day? Not the one where you have endless hours to cook, but a day when you eat out and everything falls into place (your mouth) and it’s delicious? Don’t hate me, but I keep having them at Figaro. In all honesty, I had never bothered to go […]

Kaiza Sips // Coffee

Being from a NW city that takes coffee seriously, it’s only natural that I do too. When I fly home to visit, mornings at my grandma’s house are full of earnest discussions about the latest coffee we’ve tried, new shops or roasters in town and the disappointing bean drama at the locally owned, all organic […]

The Satellite // Stars +Letters – Halfbluud – Seven Saturdays – Motion Cntrl // Thank You For A Great Time Thank you everyone who came out last night and all the bands that played incredible sets. It was such a fun night! Every band complimented each other so well, we gazed away and left enchanted. […]

Next Week — Event not to miss

If you are into dance, you more than likely have heard of Ryan Heffington. He’s the mastermind behind Sweaty Sundays in Silverlake. For this performance, Dance guru Heffington has asked his choreographers to create works that encompass warm sunny days & hot summer nights while still keeping with their own style. The performance is Thursday-Sunday, Sept […]


We are beyond honored to have Ryan Heffington as a friend, collaborator, and inspiration.  He and his team, through the inspiration of Nolan Hendrickson’s paintings, have created a world of romance, pain, loss, and gain.  When we sat in our seats at the opening night of KTCHN, we had that moment of realization that we […]

In commemoration of Eazy E’s death anniversary (March 26, 1995), Our friends at Rook would like to announce that they are working on an Eazy E collaboration for Fall 2013. Here’s a sneak peek at what they will be releasing June 1. xo G

Work Through // Inside Intelligentsia

After standing in line morning after morning, looking down at the blue and white tile and while hashtagging #silverlake #intelligentsia #thanksfortrying, we thought it was time to go behind the scenes of one of our most beloved coffee spots in the neighborhood. Here is our visual visit to Intelligentsia’s LA Roasting Works.