NAME: Michel WHO DO YOU THINK YOU ARE?: A French guy with a really cool store in Beijing called Si Tou Ai Ran Se. WEBSITE: LOCATION: Beijing, China ARE YOU LEGAL: Here, there and everywhere. WHAT YOU GOT: JOYRICH pants, Nike sneakers, Ray Ban glasses THANKS FOR TRYING AGENT: Sam

Pajama Fashion // Tokyo Vintage

The Work Mag recently hit the fiercely fashionable streets of Tokyo, Japan. While dodging through famous Harajuku, it was hard not to notice the crowds of Japanese youth pouring into vintage shops looking for perfectly worn doc martens to pair with their…..robes? That’s right, it is a total pajama fashion frenzy on the streets of […]

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NAME: Roy Martinez WHO DO YOU THINK YOU ARE?: Freelance Buyer / Dog + Pony LOCATION:  Austin, TX WHAT YOU GOT:  Cheap Monday Jean, Self Cut Up Tee, TUK Shoes, Vintage Silver Jewels, Silence + Noise head scarf  THANKS FOR TRYING AGENT: Elizabeth Baudouin

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NAME: Nina Chitadze WHO DO YOU THINK YOU ARE?: Clothing designer and works at Le Grand Strip Vintage LOCATION:NYC ARE YOU LEGAL?: 23 WHAT YOU GOT:Barneys Co-Op shirt, MNG pants, Moschino shoes, Chanel belt, vintage bag and gun holster. THANKS FOR TRYING AGENT: Elizabeth Baudouin