If I could have any superpower, it would be the ability to instantly and seamlessly travel from one place to another.   No traffic, no lines at security, no screaming babies that make you want to bang your head against a wall and no jet lag – a wanderer’s paradise. I could wake up at my […]


The first time I met our newest Workaholic, he was a bad boy that made great art. Art that was dark and art that was gritty, his pieces reflected the destruction of a chaotic world around him. Since those days, when his signatures included decaying flesh, graphic nudity and an all-around “abrasive beauty,” both the […]

New Food New Year // HomeState

Any place that mentions breakfast tacos (or any tacos, really) excites me. HomeState didn’t disappoint. Adorably decorated with the requisite deer and Texan baubles, it instantly comforts the diner. Located next to Covell, the menu is full of Central-Texas inspired delights, including weirdly delectable Tex-Czech (?!)  pastries called Kolaches. The brisket taco was incredible and […]

Unwoven Light // Houston, TX

Soo Suny Park creates installations that bring the mystical world of her imagination into the physical realm. Her current exhibition, Unwoven Light, manipulates light through iridescent plexiglass squares affixed on chain-link fencing, sending the viewer through a fluid space that changes as light dances across the surfaces, reflecting and refracting colors. Industrial materials are transformed, […]