Be Here // Now-ish

Liz Armstrong, a writer for our next issue (in the works!!!) co wrote this comedy web show “Be Here Now-ish”. Currently, they are trying to gain funding to both finish it and pitch it to networks. Check out the trailer! It will make you giggle and possibly turned on. Plenty of crystal, raw & kale […]

Unseen Rolling Stones // Photographs

When photographer Eric Swayne died in 2007, he left a cardboard box marked ‘do not throw out’. His sons opened it to find images of a lost world of swinging-60s London. Hundreds of negatives, unseen for decades, are about to go on display in an exhibition at Proud Galleries in Chelsea – here are some of […]

Sunday Wine Tasting // Private BottleStock Rosé // Our More Delicate Side

This past Sunday, I had the pleasure of entertaining some of the most wonderful women I know and would like to get to know, at my home in Silverlake.  There are many more women I wanted to include, and plan on having more intimate fun times with all of them in the future.  I was […]


My heart grew wings when I stumbled upon the work of cultural icon, Claire Aho. Revolutionary in Finnish photography, her daring use of color injected whimsy and vigor to the post-war exhaustion of the 1950’s. She brought her pictures to life and me to my pastel-loving knees. Aho, armed with an eye for inventive composition […]

Cire Trudon candles // est 1643

During their captivity, both Louis XVI and Marie Antoinette continued to order candles from the royal wax manufacturer, Cire Trudo. To this day, Cire Trudon continues to provide candles for many churches, like Saint-Roch church in Paris, which they’ve been burning since 1643. – Maggie Davis

Artist Crush // Regine Ramseier // Lay me beneath these seeds

A year or two ago I saw a picture of dandelions suspended from a ceiling in a white room. It was a visual that comforted me with a gentle inspiration. I recently discovered who the artist was, Regine Ramseier. There is something so magical about ceiling installations, but the delicacy of the medium here is […]


  Photographer: Steven Yatsko Model: Johnny Sargent Clothing: American Apparel

Road Trip // Inspiration

For any wandering minds dreaming about taking off… watch this short shot on super 16mm relating the hopes and desires of those who go for a road trip. “It’s simple, but truly enough to make your heart beat.” – Maggie Davis  

NAVSEGDA by Tatiana Leshkina & Erik Hart // latest Art Book you need to get

NAVSEGDA, the latest publication from Shabazz Projects is now available for pre order. The 92 page book comes in a limited edition of 125 signed and numbered copies will be available in select stores soon. NAVSEGDA (Forever) is the silent dialogue between the two multi-disciplinary creatives Tatiana Leshkina and Erik Hart, an artifact composed of their selected works from 2009 to 2012. Distance, daily life, shared […]


The Soho House team has done it again. Event manager, Zoe Fletcher, joins forces with Bombay Sapphire to bring you a wacky new sensory experience of film and food, called Edible Cinema. Set at the Electric in London, moviegoers are seated in plush leather chairs or beds (yes, beds) while they’re thrust onto a roller […]