watchvQSHC2nO9P0M My Bloody Valentine // Soft As Snow [But Warm Inside] Happy Monday, Don’t forget to not forget about the people that inspired the music you like now. xo/G


  What do you do? Diana: I’m a photographer based in New York City, shooting advertising and editorial with brands, ad agencies, record labels, magazines, online media, and more. Matt and I are high school sweethearts, and frequently work together as a photographer/DP team. Matt: I am a cinematographer or director of photography. I’m responsible […]

Who has seen our video from last summer covering The WORK Magazine’s Issue IV release party? Well, it’s beautiful. And we kept watching it over and over and over again. The colors! The beauty! The energy it captured! We re-live that night quite too often. Anyway – the mastermind behind that video is none other […]

What do you do?I’m a publicist, so lots of writing, emailing, Skyping, texting, talking, pitching,strategizing, organizing, nagging, nudging, screen-shooting, cutting, pasting andthinking…How did you get to where you are now?I’ve literally had a full time job since I was 15 years old. I remember wanting toturn 16 so that I could drive and 15 so […]

                               Workaholic // Ricardo Rivera of Klip Collective What do you do?I am the founder/creative director of Klip, so I’m the creative lead at Klip and I also sign the checks! How did you get to where you are now? What made you turn to this direction? I grew up wanting to make films. During […]

The Cult’s “For The Animals” – Directed by Michelle Peerali.  Our good friend Michelle directed the new video for The Cults. Please take a peek as this is the first new video for them in the past 5 years! Enjoy! -G (Source:

                        Behind Two Lenses // Video Scenes with Photographer Alex Prager (Source:

ROARK // SS 2012 Everyday more and more young designers are pushing the boundaries on how they choose to create brand awareness. You kind of have to these days. So much of everything has been done and our attention spans are about as long as my furry stepson’s, on a hot day, while sitting in […]

smashbox FACE OFF // call for submissions

Hi Ya’ll, so it’s that time of year again and Smashbox Studios is hosting their annual photography and video competition showcasing the creative excellence of rising photographers and directors (that means all that fantastic work you’ve been doing… send it in).  A highly esteemed panel of judges are ready to select 50 photographs and 25 video works that will […]

Marco Brambilla’s work puts me in a serious daze of wonder and imagination. I’d highly suggest going to one of his exhibits, nothing comes close to seeing it live. -MD