NAME:  Jasmine Albuquerque-Croissant WHO DO YOU THINK YOU ARE:  The Dot girl WEBSITE:, (coming soon!) LOCATION:  Echo Park  ARE YOU LEGAL:  Laws?  WHAT YOU GOT:  husband’s boots, , Guatemalan skirt from A Current Affair, vintage shirt from Goodwill, pink hair THANKS FOR TRYING AGENT: Sissy

A SITTING WITH: Robbie Williamson & Megan Gold

NAME: Robbie Williamson & Megan GoldOCCUPATION: R: Composer M: Musician, shoe designerWEBSITE: R:   M:  (shot by: Dan Monick) FAVORITE SWEAR WORD: R: It’s not really a  swear word, but I like the word  Presstittutes: as in “CNN is full of fucking presstitutes.”M: Fuck. PIVOTAL LIFE CHANGING MOMENT:R: Finding out the Federal Reserve is privately owned.M: The moment the midwife left our house […]

Video Mouse // New Vid of our Launch Party… This video is amazing! Thank you Video Mouse for this! We have a seriously stunning crowd. “Zines” and Mixed Tapes spotted in this one too! -G (Source:

The Launch Party! We Are The World did an amazing performance. David Scott Stone kept the party going. Get your Limited Print Run (only 1000 copies!) today! (Source:

WORK Issue IV // Launch Party

The WORK Magazine Issue No. IV  ” Manipulation” is almost ready for your bedroom eyes, and we couldn’t be more excited to give you fuel for your pleasure. Expect a sneaky peek here and there, as we test your patience and strong will. Our Launch PARTY will be one to not miss. I never lie, […]