What do you do? I’m a multi-media visual artist, snowboarder, traveler, motorcycle enthusiast, Art Director for COMUNE, and curator of the Drop City artist collective.  How did you get to where you are now? I started in Portland Oregon, and moved to LA 5 years ago. I’ve had a couple breaks but it’s mostly been […]


What do you do? From 10am to 6pm, I’m the label manager for the Manhattan based, world music record label, Evergreen Music. Then I come home and from 8pm to 2am and run my own budding record label, Stars & Letters, which is currently the light of my life.  Where is your workspace? My workspace […]

                                          WORKAHOLIC // ODYN VOVK Meet Austin, founder and designer of the clothing brand ODYN VOVK: What do you do?I am the Founder/Designer of ODYN VOVK. I’m a designer, pattern adjuster, production manager, graphic artist, and photographer. Hustler is a good word. How did you get to where you are now?A lot […]

Denni // Gallery 3209 // WORKAHOLIC What do you do? I am a multi-media artist and currently the director of Gallery 3209. How did you get to where you are now? After graduating art school with a major in painting and a minor in photography, I began to gain an interest in the gallery world. […]

WORKAHOLIC // LUXURY JONES  What do you do?I am fashion designer. How did you get to where you are now?I started making clothes like 10 years ago. I worked at Wasteland on Melrose in 1999 and I met this magical girl named Kime Buzzelli. We started making clothes together and then we opened a shop […]


Our friends at Project Artisan invited us out last week to an evening at the Roosevelt for a special viewing of some of their select designers. I was introduced to Steven Oo, a young-gun knitwear designer and immediately loved his work and his story. Here’s what’s up… Tell us, what do you do? I make […]