OTHERWILD Goods & Servies is the amazing brain child of graphic designers and business partners Rachel Berks and Marisa Suárez-Orozco.  The two opened this hidden gem just a few short months ago in the heart of Hollywood. Their selection of product is unique and well thought out.  The space is so beautifully detailed that you may […]

WORKAHOLIC //  BRYAN FISHER // IMPERIAL BARBER GRADE PRODUCTS Meet Bryan Fisher, creator of the new hair grooming line Imperial Barber Grade Products. You will be seeing an editorial featuring Imperial in our next issue shot by Dan Monick, which is set to launch this August. Can’t wait! I’ve known Bryan for a couple of […]


Gillian Tozer is a pretty awesome woman.  She handles the OC blog, as well as the publication buying (including The WORK Magazine <3 ). Opening Ceremony is one of my favorite stores, not only because Chloe Sevigny loves it, but also because everything they pick, from the accessories, books, or clothing, is extremely thought out. […]


What do you do? Avenue Interior Design specializes in full service hospitality based interior design for bars, restaurants, nightclubs and hotels nationally.  We also have a fun blog/designer resource website, I Heart Design by Avenue where we take an inspiration image and select furnishings, lighting and accessories from online sources and build a (hypothetical) room […]

                                       WORKAHOLIC // DREW DENNY What do you do? I’m currently mixing my first feature film “The Most Fun I’ve Ever Had With My Pants On” which I wrote, directed, acted in, made music for and produced. […]

WORKAHOLIC // Gabriel Hendifar & Jeremy ANderson // APPARATUS

What do you do? I ( Gabriel Hendifar)  design light fixtures with my partner Jeremy Anderson. I’m a maker of things—fashion, interiors, product. I like to keep a few things on the burner at the same time. How did you get to where you are now? I studied costume and scenic design and fell into […]

What do you do?I’m a publicist, so lots of writing, emailing, Skyping, texting, talking, pitching,strategizing, organizing, nagging, nudging, screen-shooting, cutting, pasting andthinking…How did you get to where you are now?I’ve literally had a full time job since I was 15 years old. I remember wanting toturn 16 so that I could drive and 15 so […]

                                       WORKAHOLICK // NATALIE & MICHELLE What do you do?M: Writer/Director, Co-Founder for The Confessionals.tv, Contributorto A Shaded View on Fashion, and Videographer for i-D MagazineOnline.N: PR guru, founder of Femme on Feast, Co-founder for TheConfessionals.tv, and writer for A Shaded View on Fashion. How did you get to where you are now?M: […]

                               Workaholic // Ricardo Rivera of Klip Collective What do you do?I am the founder/creative director of Klip, so I’m the creative lead at Klip and I also sign the checks! How did you get to where you are now? What made you turn to this direction? I grew up wanting to make films. During […]


What do you do? From 10am to 6pm, I’m the label manager for the Manhattan based, world music record label, Evergreen Music. Then I come home and from 8pm to 2am and run my own budding record label, Stars & Letters, which is currently the light of my life.  Where is your workspace? My workspace […]