A week in London, two days in Paris, and a stint in LA, New York native Nicole Fuller has a thirst for travel, new challenges and a desire to push boundaries. As president and creative director of Nicole Fuller Interiors, a New York based multi-faceted interior design company, she specializes in high-end projects in the US and abroad. She is continually inspired by her extensive world travels, and experiences, which are complimented by her dramatic and powerful sense of style and exquisite taste. Nicole’s hard work has earned her two nominations for London’s prestigious Andrew Martin “Designer of the Year” award, as well as being named one of Vogue’s “hottest” designers. I was honored to spend time with Nicole at one of her favorite LA haunts, the Chateau Marmont, and take a peek inside her whimsical, yet very busy life.

Who are you and what do you do?

Interior designer specializing in high-end residential and commercial design projects in the US and abroad. Have a furniture line called Isabella Wolfe Designs at a niche showroom in LA, and a very exciting collaboration to come out this fall.


Where is your workspace?  

My workspace is everywhere. My office is in Manhattan but my clients are all over the world. I am inspired by my clients and the places I am at the moment. My workspace is wherever I am and what inspires me and what makes me creative where I am.

What made you turn to this direction?  

I grew up in a creative environment. My mother was very talented and anything she touched turned into a masterpiece. She taught me to find beauty in all things. I am inherently creative by nature and have always had a strong love of architecture. I have always created an atmosphere in my own space since I was a kid. Atmospheres can evoke happy feelings if done right. This has always been a very natural direction for me.

Was this always your dream job?

I originally wanted to be a film director. I designed my space while living in London and then friends started asking me to help them with their places and I fell in love with it. I still love film but design is my passion. Design is like film, setting the stage with interiors.



How much of the week is work, how much is play?

When you love what you do it’s never really work. I work every day. I’m always inspired, always thinking in that context. I am very grateful to have amazing clients to work with. There is no separation between work and play, it’s all the same.

What has been the most exciting thing you have done with your work, and what is a dream situation you’d like to find yourself in?                     

I feel so blessed with a wonderful team and clients. All we do, whether it’s a country estate or an apartment, each space is so exciting. My dream would be to design a spectacular hotel or a high end boutique.


How do you find your inspiration?  

I find inspiration through fashion and jewelry. The metals, patterns, fabrics-the hand and structure, the details in each piece. I also find inspiration from people, nature and travel.

How do you define your personal style, work and clothing, etc.?  

Classic yet timeless. Same with my work. I like to layer interiors as well as my person.

What’s something someone may not know about you?    

I love racing cars.


Anything else you would like to say or for us to know?

I have a furniture line-Isabella Wolfe. I recently launched a bed line with Savoir beds and I have some more exciting things on the horizon to share-stay tuned!

Text by NES // Photography by Nicole Fuller

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